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Current exhibitions:

Office Overload, Pro Tempore, Bikubenfonden

01.06.23 - 31.08.24

Lygten 39, 2400 København NV, Denmark.

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Pore _ Karl Eivind

Walkers DFK Photo MikkelKaldal Karl Eivind Jørgensen

Pore 2023, Under the Albani bridge in Odense


Close to Home - MFA degree show at KHM2 Gallery, Malmö

01close to home


Longing For Certain Letters 






Dalby Skulpturpark, Delfi, Lund

"Different locations can be in a state of becoming, or some times of having been something. As when thinking of a quarry, all the material that has been removed from the ground, and where it might be now, often comes to mind. The photographic element of this work is from a photograph taken of a poster outside a mall in Malmö. The posters depict sketches of what the the building will look like after its renovation is done – a project which has almost stagnated. As time goes on the posters tell a story about a permanent impermanence, a sentence that was never comp–.

Through this work an attempt is made to get close to the incomplete or in-between. The sculpture becomes a sort of actor, emulating the appearance of having been something or to be in the process of becoming something else."

Temporary sculpture exhibition in a former quarry in Dalby, Lund. Nine artists exhibited new works made specifically for the site. The exhibition could be seen between September 7 and 22. Participating artists: Anna Andersson, Albin Werle, Julie Falk, Karl Eivind Jørgensen, Louise Haugaard Jørgensen, Mariella Ottosson, Nellie Lindquist, Tringa Gashi, Ville Laurinkoski

dalby detalj2

Bfa Graduation Show - Gallery KHM, Malmö

L BFA Doku begge

L InThatOcean Bakl InthatOcean Detalj2


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